Sunday, April 24, 2011


*property of nickelodeon.

We started with four interstitials. I animated belly juju in "burping contest" This was project of nickelodeon. It was so adventures. Story of pupununu tribe lots of character lots of fun lots of color were in TAK the rig was wonderful facial rig were awesome I created lots of facial exp for pose library. from the eve of this project I have been chosen as animation supervisor. 1st I supervised around 40 scns of 1st epi . Lok was so funny character. sound tracks provided by client was so clear so it was tempting to put the best of my capability. Chandru was animation director from DQ. working under Chandru was a booster to my supervising career. I like his style of giving correction on tiny detailing of animation. I think he is the most creative guy I found in DQ. I love to chat with him. Also he is so friendly to animators. He is one of my good friends.

Supervisors from nick were so friendly we had a great time on production of TAK.

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