Sunday, April 24, 2011


I started my animation training from UTV TOONS in 1999 just after completing my B.F.A. my first class was in Byculla Zoo. Hey don’t get me wrong, actually we went there to sketch caged animals. I had been informed to meet my colleagues there I get introduced to my trainee mates. We had a great session. Trainer yogesh was really impressed with my sketches. Six month training was a wonderful experience for me. We were sketching around 100 every day, lots of animation assignments. Sometime it was tiring than production.

Many time they put my sketches on display board. Ram Mohan sir took classes on storyboarding and character design. Seniors of different department also taken classes. Last three month Tino guanlao was with us.

Language was a barrier for me. First time I was speaking Hindi and most of the guys were Marathi. Sometime my accents were a source of laughter. But my colleagues were so supportive.

I was really fortunate to get a shelter in Mumbai and huge support from my native friends. I did not pay a single penny for my training. I was in ninth heaven after getting my first salary Rs.11000 in year 2000.move life on own earning was a so satisfying.

i am really thankful to youtube... where i found some of my works and beautiful memories of my career. so have a look on those videos.

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