Sunday, April 24, 2011


here i collected some of my scenes from youtube.

This is my first episode.
*property of Funbag.
this is my first project after six month of training. I did my first scene in this episode, I was so excited to see my drawings are moving and talking it was kind of dream come true for me, started my career as animation trainee. I have never done "in between" or "clean up" so I was amazed to see my scenes clean up out put. still I do not dare to do clean up but it is good to do sometime clean up and in between. Senior animators working in UTV were very co-operative. Yogesh,Abhaya, Vinay, Vivek,Radha, Pushkaraj, Satish and our supervisor Sanjiv wareker all were excellent in drawing and animation, learned a lot from these guys I will be grateful to these guys lifelong.

The story is about a family. it is a very famous comic in Canada. It was based on everyday happenings in a happy family and their pet. Characters are proportionately realistic, faces are simplified. My first scene was April holding the coke can and coke is dripping from her face it was an after effect of a fight with her brother. Mother and daughter peeling prawns is also my sc now I am finding a big correction on this sc daughter head turn looks jerky also wrong look at. So many scenes I have animated but now I am not able to recall.

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