Sunday, April 24, 2011


It was a dream project for me. Most of the animators around the world scrambling to add a tag of Disney to their portfolio. Working for Disney and the project based on their iconic character Mickey mouse. I was overwhelmed to work in this project. targeted audience for this show were 3-7 year children. Educational series but lots of things were there to entertain kids. I started my fully biped character 3D animation from this series. Of course I have practiced a lot with biped character. Like 2D animation X-sheets were provided for timing. Non 2D animators got chance to use x-sheet

We were working for the opening and closing dance sequence. Maya file get corrupted we all tried our best to deliver the show on time. 3-4 four days we all were in studio. I have animated big bunch of scenes for MMCH.

In between I worked for the test project Chicken Little series.under supervision of siddharth vasudev(sid). Animation got big yes from client but feather was a challenge for our studio. Those days work on feather was a tough task. And to maintain exact rhythm and flow of feather was really tough. So we loose the project.

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